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Welcome to our new home!

mike Q Read on

It’s taken some time to move the site, especially the moving of the DNS.
SVN and TRAC where moved entirely… unfortunately we missed a post and some comments.
But now we are back up! There will be some graphical tweaks, but the technical foundation is standing.


mike, cordney* and andi



mike Q Read on

which is built on Tiger and should run on Panther, Tiger and Leopard, finally :)

download Q-0.9.1d118

mike, cordney* & andi


Q2 checked in!

mike Q Read on

Call for ideas!

Join our discussion at the qemu forum!




mike Q Read on

Yes, here we go!

A brand new Q nightly, based on QEMU 0.9.1.

download Q-0.9.1d104


Special txs go to andreasf for helping patching and porting things to Leopard and QEMU 0.9.1.

Sparc emulation is unfortunaltely still not running on intel. But as soon as we have tracked down these issues, we hope to provide you a stable 0.9.1. So please test and let us know, if You find any bugs.
As You do report, bear in mind, that all interface changes and new features requests should go right to Q2 Milestone. This Milestone is only providing bugfixes and QEMU 0.9.1.

mike, cordney* & andi


QEMU 0.9.1

mike Q Read on

QEMU 0.9.1 was released some days ago. This means work for us :).
Thank You for all the imput. OS 9 compatibility was asked several times, I’ll look into that.

But meanwhile we are about to patch QEMU to fit into Q.

Andreas F has sent us some patches, which we apply soon.

I, myself have continued with the rewrite of Q, which now works with QEMU 0.9.1. Lots of functionality is already in. Right now I’m working on qControl to add some more comfort. So stay tuned for the checkin and the first 0.9.1 nightlies! Heres a little sneakpeek of Q2 running 0.9.1:


.plan for rewrite
blog with rants about rewrite



Q rewrite

mike Q Read on

Finally I did take the task of rewriting Q. There are some issues with the current app, that can’t be mended if we stay with the current architecture. The problems are mainly interface related.

If you are interested in what’s going on… have a look at my .plan file in the wiki section. Once I come up with a usable solution, I’ll put a download link on the frontpage.

This is also the moment to come up with ideas of yours… if you think Q is missing something, drop a line.


Finally: Q is going 0.9.0!

mike Q Read on

After heaps of improvement on qemu, heaps of improvement on Q and literally months of testing, we present you: Q-0.9.0.

The Changelog since Q-0.8.2 is epic.

Let me just hilite some of the major changes:

  • flashdrive: import/export Guests as executable pakages… send a guest-pc to a friend - he needs no programm installed to run it (cordney*)
  • Quartz support with faster selective drawing code: faster video output, as no unneeded screenregions are updated (mike)
  • toolbar in fullscreen: have handy functions ready with “cmd-b” (cordney*)
  • network and firewall settings tabs: routing ports was never easier (cordney*)
  • German, French and Polish translation (Katios, Krzysztof)
  • new icons: we now have micro-, fullscreen- and toolbaricons (andy)
  • animated windowcycling: change between fullscreen guests as you would expect ;) (mike)
  • bootorder that supports multiple bootdrives
  • tons of bugfixes

Now: go and enjoy!
mike, cordney* & andi



q.app Q Read on

txs for testing again. We are getting so close now ;)

download Q-0.9.0d89

*only minor changes ;)

mike, cordney* & andi


Ticket system open again

cordney Q Read on

After searching for a proper solution to reopen the ticket system again we finally succeeded and installed a Spam Filter.
Tickets are open for everybody now - please leave bugreports and feature suggestions there.

Open a new ticket here: http://www.kju-app.org/proj/newticket




mike Q Read on

txs for testing and pointing out bugs again. Hope we are now closer ;).

download Q-0.9.0d86

[fix] backport of qemu qcow2 fix
[fix] prepare.sh qemu cvs logout by tag instead by date

[fix] localization: English (host-cocoa)
[fix] localization: German (host-cocoa)
[fix] localization: French (host-cocoa)

[fix] downloader: check if freeoszoo is up, else show only kju-app guests
[new] hint for keyboard shortcuts when entering fullscreen mode
[fix] localization: German (several)
[fix] some NSLog’s ;)

[fix] localization: German (downloader)
[fix] downloader: show loading progress of list
[new] downloader: added Guest PCs from kju-app.org for download to the list

mike, cordney* & andi

Download - Free
Q-0.9.0a89 - 9.5mb

Download latest nightly
Q-0.9.1d118 - 10.2mb


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