Finally: Q is going 0.9.0!

After heaps of improvement on qemu, heaps of improvement on Q and literally months of testing, we present you: Q-0.9.0.

The Changelog since Q-0.8.2 is epic.

Let me just hilite some of the major changes:

  • flashdrive: import/export Guests as executable pakages… send a guest-pc to a friend - he needs no programm installed to run it (cordney*)
  • Quartz support with faster selective drawing code: faster video output, as no unneeded screenregions are updated (mike)
  • toolbar in fullscreen: have handy functions ready with “cmd-b” (cordney*)
  • network and firewall settings tabs: routing ports was never easier (cordney*)
  • German, French and Polish translation (Katios, Krzysztof)
  • new icons: we now have micro-, fullscreen- and toolbaricons (andy)
  • animated windowcycling: change between fullscreen guests as you would expect ;) (mike)
  • bootorder that supports multiple bootdrives
  • tons of bugfixes

Now: go and enjoy!
mike, cordney* & andi

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